I really like you, but unfortunately
I think I found out that you're in love with me
That ain't no problem
although you're fat and ugly
The only scary thing is
you're two feet bigger than me.

I tried to tell you, that things wouldn't work out
I couldn't finish, cause you were moaning loud
You pulled me towards you and choked me in your fat
You asked me if I love you, I was almost dead

It drives me to despair, I can't get rid of you
You keep on buging me, I don't know what to do
Just go - I don't care and I don't wanna know
I just don't want to see you anymore
Yeah yeah yeah - Just go
Why the hell don't you leave me alone

You take my money, you eat my food
you're singing in my toilet
and that ain't sounding good
you tried to be romantic, it was really gross
It ended up in rape, I'm glad I'm still alive

It drives me to despair...

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