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Wating For You


I'm sitting alone by my window at home
see the sun shining bright but I can't get no light
oh it hurts me so strong,
tell me why things went wrong
tell me why must this be,
why did this happen to me ooh ooh

I know that you're dead but I won't realize
I know you were fat, you were all oversized
You've been mean all the time, so I had to kill you
after that I felt fine but now I'm missing you ah uh
please tell me

What else can I do -
just waiting for you
make my dreams all come true -
I'm waiting for you

I know that you're dead...

Will she ever come back,
six feet under she lies
Can she dig herself out,
can she find her way home to me...

What else can I do... Shanananana - waiting for you

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