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Do You Want To


Hey baby, I wanna know one thing
Do you want me as much as I want you?
Say you do

Never should've kissed you
Never made that call
I told myself
In love I shouldn't fall
Would've been a pleasure
Just to know your name
Look at me, silly me
Now I'm back in love again

And there's nothing you can tell me
Nothing I can do
I just hope that you're in love with me
The way that I'm in love with you

Do you want to
Like I want to be in love with you
Say you do
Do you want to
Like I want, I want to make love to you
Say you do

Never understand it
Loving takes control
Oh, I ask myself
Girl, should you let it go?
That would be too foolish
Life without you know
Hate to think of it happening
That you won't be around

Now there's something you can show me
Something you can say
Promise me you'll stay with me
Until my dying day

Now my deep emotions
Have completely come over me
I'm into you, I'm loving you too deep
Oh, yes I am

Should have seen it coming
Felt my heart beating much too weak
I can't control, I can't let go
Of you baby, you baby, you

Did it feel good to you, baby
Like it felt good to me
Do you want it again baby, baby
'Cause I want it right now, yes I do

Sometimes I cry, baby
Sometimes I weep at night, baby
Take me, take me, tell me you love me, baby
Say you really, really love me, baby
Sometimes I can't sleep at night
'Cause I want you right here by my side
Baby, baby, baby
Say you want to make love to me, baby
Like I do to you

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Composição: Daryl Simmons. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Gustavo e traduzida por Kleber. Revisão por Kleber. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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