Oh, please don't give me that!

Yes, I'm a witch
I'm a bitch
I don't care what you say
My voice is real
My voice speaks truth
I don't fit in your ways

I'm not gonna die for you
You might as well face the truth
I'm gonna stick around for quite awhile

We're gonna say
We're gonna try
We're gonna try it our way
We've been repressed
We've been depressed
Suppression all the way

We're not gonna die for you
We're not seeking vengeance
But we're not gonna kill ourselves for your convenience

Each time we don't say what we wanna say, we're dying
Each time we close our minds to how we feel, we're dying
Each time we gotta do what we wanna do, we're living
Each time we're open to what we see and hear, we're living

We'll free you from the getthos of your minds
We'll free you from your fears and binds
We know you want things to stay as it is
It's gonna change, baby

It's gonna change, baby doll
It's gonna change, honey ball
It's gonna change, sugar cane
It's gonna change, sweetie legs
So don't try to make cock-pecked people out of us

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Enviada por Bruna e traduzida por nailah. Legendado por ray. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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