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Freak Da Hoes

Young Turk

(Verse 1: Mannie Fresh)
I gotta lotta ones and I'm looking for the strippers
One could roll around the pole and make me open up my zipper
See you think you get the money when you go down there
I give you kisses for your lips when you blow down there
Girl let me smack that ass
Smack Smack that ass
Tell ya baby back back back back that ass
See the things that you do got me hollin "Oh wee"
If you lickin' then I'm trickin got me buying jewerly
Pop that pussy girl get up hussle
Push it up push it down now grip it with the muscle
From LaPhaesha's, Coco's, Gentleman's Claws
Roxberry, Harlem nights playa show me some love
To Peaches, Strawberry and pretty ass China
Babygirl in Diamond won't you show me vagina
You can find me at the butt-naked throwin my money
Me and Baby gettin freaked by this chick named Honey

(Chorus: Mannie Fresh)
All over the world y'all
I love them girls y'all
When it be poppin
Them dollas keep droppin'

(Verse 2: Turk)
Bitch yern know? I'm Turk ya ho
CashMoney hotboy in a black rov-uh
Burning up on fire, spin bins like dryers
I don't ride natural ride twenty-inch tires
Like 'em hot 'n hotter
Know when okay
Not a black ho a red one, gotta be straight
Talkin bout ass,a fat cat all that
Could act a donkey on that dick and take it from the back
Project hos and hoodrats dog
If she think she all that she get smacked dog
I need a bitch who don't smoke, not an alcoholic
Put monkey on that dick like Magnolia Shawty
I still like 'em hot who don't tell me to stop
Who know how to-work on that pipe, and drop it like it's hot
One who here to hussle and keep me straight
Always get it up and have her own cake


(Verse 3: Turk)
Say lil mama, if you a hot girl come with me
Come and follow Lil Turk CashMoney HB
First you wanted to holla, ya scared say ya scared
If ya not, bus it open and wobble on this head
Bitch do me right now, back that ass up
Do like my nigga now and back that ass up
You on fire yeah, plus you workin with it girl
Get with this real nigga let me take you 'round the world
I might do a little trickin' if you got that fire mouth
But if you don't look I'm a put that ass out
Might bust that ass out give ya diamonds and shit
But you gotta be a hotgirl to suck a good dick
Don't act stuck up, keep it real with ya nigga
If a nigga get into it don't be scared to pull a trigga
Hot Girl Hot Girl look, that's what I need
A nasty bitch that could fufill my needs


(Ending: Mannie Fresh)
See, this is it right here.
When you call yo house and 'All in' answer the phone.
Nigga name 'All in'. And you be like "Who's All in?" All in.
All in yo pussy, all in yo draws, all in yo shit,
all in yo motherfucking merchandise.All in. I'm All in.
Call yo fuckin house and ask for All in.
"Put All in on the phone."
All in is up all in yo pussy, ya hoids me? UH!
All in in this biatch!
"Hello? Who is it?"
"It's All in. Wanna talk to your girl?"
Nah, talk to All in nigga. All in all in that pussy.
All in her ass, all in her back, all in her spine ya heards me?
Feel that. By the way, where you keep your rubbers at dog?
I don't want to rawdick her, y'know?
I could rawdick her, but I ain't gon rawdick her
cause I don't know what's up with you.
I heard you a nasty nigga, you fuck a lot of broads.
I ain't gon do it like that.

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