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Yes We Do

Young Turk

[Lil Wayne talking]
(Lets go, fuck wit me)
Weezy We nigga, lets go, oh oh oh oh, do it, do it
HB's nigga, we run tha streets nigga,lets go(oh, oh)
We run tha streets nigga(oh, oh, uh ha oh) Weezy We my nigga(oh,oh)
HB's dawg(oh, oh, uh ha, oh)lets go(oh, oh,)lets go(oh,oh)
What you know nigga(oh, oh)What you know about tha streets,
nigga what you know, huh what you know, look, look, listen

[Lil Wayne]
I'm like a dry rubber wit tight pussy, ya can't fuck wit me
An if ya try, I'm bustin' get it I'm bustin'
You niggas don't amount to nothin' & me, I'm top notch boy
Any problems I cock, glock sparks & knock out hearts
You see tha ice twink we I talk, ya blink & ya dead
I'll let a hollow tip sink in ya head, so think it over
'Fore they find ya ass hangin' over a bridge & shit
While I'm out drinkin' wit tha squad like I ain't did tha shit
I really hope ya click come back for revenge & shit
I'll make bullets drop on ya block like pidgeon shit
A nigga duct tape ya ????? don't get me pissed
Put hollow tips in clips like chips in dip
Bitch nigga here could flip tha script, ya not built for dat
Ya not soldiers, ya get killed for dat
I'll cock & pop one in you cattle, push your filta back
An niggas respect tha shots, make 'em tilt your hat(what you)

You don't want no trouble nigga - yes we do
Come on tell tha truth nigga - man yes we do
An you don't want no beef nigga - yes we do
Come on tell tha truth nigga - man yes we do
You don't wanna hustle nigga - yes we do
Come on tell tha truth nigga - man yes we do
An you don't want no drama nigga - yes we do
Come on tell tha truth nigga - man yes we do

My name still B.G., we it's said it rang a bell
In rich neighborhoods, middle class hoods, & jails
I'm a street nigga, sold ounces of crack cocaine
If I spit it, I did it, before I got in this rap game
One of my hobbies is beef, do that for pleasure
It's nothin' to bust a head, put a few wholes in ya sweater
Never get in a situation wit me involvin' guns
Never able to sleep always on tha run
One way or another you gonna come
Outta isolation, if it mean killin' ya ???
You thinkin' cause I'm rappin' & be on television
That I won't soften ya head & come split it
Close range is fake, bustin' from a distance
Tha shit I'm talkin' my nigga, I'm still livin'
If any nigga want it, can get it wit no problem
All these niggas playin' but me, I come to stop it


I don't play nigga
Better watch what ya say nigga
Cause I fuck up ya day nigga
Wit this K nigga, I gets very low down
Give a fuck about a nigga, hit 'em wit fifty rounds
I'm from uptown, young & thuggin' since I was small
Grew up around killas, hung wit tha big dawgs
Nigga we play it raw as it go, were I stay
Run ya mouth too much, get found in a hall way
Wit a head shot, look that's how niggas get it
Keep it on a tuck, nobody know who did it
No evidence, no witness, you just assed out
Busta ass nigga, you just assed out
Fuckin' wit a guerilla ah untamed one at that
You leave ya house in ya want I bet ya won't make it back
You could believe that, look betta get it right
Get it twisted if ya want, I betcha gonna loose ya life nigga

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