In my dreams when i find you
Call your name
You walk away

Everything here reminds you
There's no way
How to escape

You body can be far away from me
But in me
You soul remains

Now that i can't be with you anymore
My life won't be the same

Anywhere i look everywhere i can see you
If i try to speak you will be in my words
And i don't know to getaway from this feeling
You're teh painfullest and worst
Incurable sore

My day is out of the rhythm
The things ain't got no fixing
Without you here

Have no control of my actions
Have been too much distracted
On a different gear

Now you're my dangerous foe
You became like a ghost
Keep disturbing me

But i don't wanna let go
My heart and my soul
Have arrested you here

When i see you boy, i see my dreams come true
And that is whata i want, me being with you
But you don't even know me,
So what the fuck is this?
How could i love you? is this supposed to be
But if you don't love me,
Why do you hurt me so much?
Everything i desire, is only a touch
How could i live
Without you here?
I spent all day and night
Thinking about you and me

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