You tell every day
That you are tired
Of your life

But you're so weak right now
That everything's
Out of your sight

What you desire the most
Is to be far from here

You spent your days and nights
Thinking the places you could be

You wanna do all crazy things
That you are not allowed

Just let me drive you to this place
I'll make you scream out loud

Forget about it baby
Forget it and
Keep going down

Just follow my lead
And discover the world
That's to be found

It's not hard to hear me baby
My voice right now's
The loudest sound

But i will hear if you callme
Say my name and
I'll be around

Somethings will thrill you
Throught the way
You won't get there alone

I hope you don't hallucinate
Your reasonig
Will be wrong

When they turn off the lights
You'll realize that you can't breathe

But just foret it all
Keeo on your way
Believe in me

You that gory hop had thrown you this curse
And you've been hunted by these two sexy nurses
This is brasil sendind this message
Keep going down
You will feel the magid tragig see

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