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I'm In A Hurry


First verse:
1.0 Verse
Like (S.P.) Laya ima playa potna know dat dere
Before dis rap game tha name Zac Bautista be a major playa
Bald head, curlz in my hair, sport a fade
Told my lil Cutto Lil Lent your closest friendz will hate

1.5 Verse
I listen when tha streetz talk, Calk my shit and mugg back
Talk your shit get slugged fo dat, Talk mo shit get Dubb Saccz
E Dubb Saccz thatz my mudda fuccin cutthreezy
That'z 1 Cutto that I know that will bleed wit me
And he can read me, similar to a sex book
His next look a crazy face you getting 2 Took
I told my lil Cutto Raw EarnShaw
Talk shit like a man get hit like a man she outa pocket jack her jaw

Last Verse:
You snort all my blow back stage at my show
I guess its cool to know that you my main hoe
Though this aint the east you gets no type of piece
Don't fade like my crease cause you just out on lease
When I decease my moms gets all my shit
Not some thick white bitch like Anna Nicole Smith
Besides wese off a fifth when we first met
When I first got you wet when you first let
No regrets complaints just exchange for the digits
This game for real or this just a scrimmige
If you was misses have keys to my cribbage
Robin leach image penatration with know ribbage
No questions ask you let me tap that ass
Even though I reek of hash and its twenty something passed
One in the mourning you aint knowing if I safe
your voice mail page you worried you going to
know chance to conversate await patiant with know pannies
violate the poo nanny invited to the grammies
testify a lie he was with me out of state
no prints survalence tape no witness the shove the case
equitted we committed tell the mother fucking end
you like my only friend dislike my life of sin

?Im In A Hurry?

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