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Whats up my homie x con my homie lost his x
Cause now he back in vac soaking game from og convicks
Im hearing now and then you falling I wont believe that
Its us against the world homie where my Gs at
Released back you got at me like this my game is thicker
Before a playa figured I was pouring out more liquer
Your little brother bigga but im letting you know I got em
I noticed in his playa ways before you left you taught em
Your mama holds it in her oldest son in the pin again
Out here in ciz a l dough its part of gaming
You banging with the L O Cs W E S T
Say whats up to dwan and little jon for me
Damn homie you aint forgotten just hella missed
they talk and get away with this it got a playa hella pissed
I chalk another off my list everyday that pass by
Fuck what the task might find them fools trying to blast mines
And if you ask mines ill tell it like it is x
The hood is shady aint no telling man I might be next
From playa to playa fuck what you heard about me selling out
Im in the studio just trying to put my moms in a house
Second verse:
Where should I begin way to more cousin none the less
I would die so you could ride like I would for the west
Got cousin love up in my chest tell I rest in piece
I pray the lord everyday that why you in you don't decease
We felt the pressures of having lesser then the next kids
That why we never blamed each other for the things we did
Who need a black fist to have a ghetto face hear me out
My mamas home suspected crack house feel me now
At knee hi we learnt our feelings stay inside
Don't let em see you cry and always kiss our moms good bye
You was a little older but my shoulder you would still lean
you give your last breath to me when life was hard to breath
being unprepared for the war fair handed you a gun
it had me on the run tomarow be a brighter sun
where we come from it getz hectic on da streets
if you don't even hustle den you dont even eat
we got some hearts some hearts full of ambition
stick together as a family get through any situation
I'll be waitin for ya
Dis is going out to all them playas dat have a love one locked down in a state penitentionary, I hope yall playas touch down??

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