Beyond The Looking Glass


Inner elemental yearning, tired of illusions in vane fighting.
Looking in the mirror and finding, nothing but a thought
Unreasonable attachment to minds, with no reason to seek in the eyes
Unreasonably searching in minds, minds of the unknown

Looking through these mirrors again, watching from the inside,
look them again with your fears, and nothing you will find.

And slowly fading away from an inner world of pain.
And now getting away from that own perception.
Thoughts of purity but now you decided to put on a mask.
A similar to everyone's outside this world.

Looking through the mirrors in here, looking from the inside
Looking again but without fear and something you will find...

This you will find:

My life is gone, through the looking glass I'm gone.
Now I'm damned alone, from inside the mirrors I look!
There's nothing I can do, you left me inside the glass.
I only see you from afar, will you release me and remove your mask?

Hate and love remains, inside this glass cell remains.
I'm just one more dream, a thought in the void, empty space.

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