The more there is, the less you see.

From the mute, comes the sound.
From the healer, comes the wound.
From the void, comes the spark.
From the light... comes the dark.

In silence, here comes the dark!

A lump of none, the shadow of a white sun
The winds suffocated like stagnant pond.
From the unconscious minds, the dreams of the blind
Who hid their eyes and wept.

The taste of the sound, provided by the deaf
Again and again, death providing the breath
The earless listen the beat of the hearts
And find beauty is going away.

It is really fading away!

Here comes the dark!

Every question is in the reply, a believer who denies
And see the love being fully despised , a deceiver who's being frank.

Stinguish the fire
Stinguish the fire that was burning in the core
A feeling required
A feeling required which your mind will confront.

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