Surreal Visions Of The Blind


Is like if the sky was falling down,
when I hear the sun cry out loud
while the winds blows a haunting name
I will resist to the winds, I'll wait.

Just tell me, what is my fate,
the blind can dream? will I feel again?
Just kill me, if you just hate,
the way I feel, in bones and flesh.

Hard to know as the sun grows,
look at my eyes and see...
Hard to find as a blue rose.
Wondering now as I breathe.

So hard to find,
so hard to say out loud!
So hard to tell
so hard to understand!
I cannot see, it's unknown to me.
I only perceive, the inner symphony.

Search me and you will find me, you will see im real
So listen and you will hear me, you will hear it's clear.
Hurt me and you will know it, you will know I bleed.
Search me and you will see it, you will see I was real.

Incertitude inside my mind
Solitude in my dry eyes
Solutions within my cold hands
Chains that keep me inside.

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