This is the song
About dark sea deeps
That hide mysteries
In their depths
The sea expanse so calm and silence
But so much remains at silty bottom

About the sky, reflect sea azure
The seagulls are flying there like white arrows
They sitting for rest at rocks and mutchs
Before continuation their rapid way.

Oh darkclouds, your run is so light
The man is depends from your caprice
Will you huddle together, spill with a rain
And rise a destructive storm?

They challenged out no once and no twice
But lot of mad men disappear at the bottom
The ships fly, like seagulls over the sea
But a lot of them go down far from the land

The great power sleeps at the deep
There are sea gods that doze at the bottom
Tones of water above their heads
Until nobody disturb their peace

Oh seagods, guardians of the waves
Does human ships disturb your peace
Maybe that you in terrible anger
Sink bark with one gesture.

The ship run into the sharp rocks and lightning
Flash at the sky like a blaze
It's light out the triumphantly face
And the dying scream fade in the night.

The sea water is gurgling in my lungs
And strange ships go far away
This is the end; I'm going down
And clouds fly over the sea.

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