Hot fire, black smoke -
Burn houses, around all are dead.
I have remained one. Enemies send away,
Left me to the mercy of fate.

Long years I waited for one -
To revenge for myself and for my race.
Only owing for it I have survived,
Having tempered soul and a body.

I was not broken with difficultes.
And a sword now - continuation of my hand.
Day and night I went on a trace
Of my enemy - the deadly enemy.

And here at last I face to you.
All your people are dead.
You cannot overcome me
In fact the truth on my side.

Dance of swords, dance of death
Heavy breath, the ring of steel.
Enemies reter in the last to fight.
Only the one will live alive.

The sun sparkles on swords,
Fury burn in opinion of.
Through so much years
They have again met last time.

And here you at my legs
Live last minutes.
Farewell, my enemy! The revenge has come to pass,
I have nothing to wish more!

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