Here,on plain of this the terrible idol
Carried name Kromm Kruah
Towered an aggressive kind.
It directed at all neighbours fear.

To it since olden days worshipped gals,
Asking about execution of desires.
They asked it the grounds
More in transitory this world.

It was their God, the stone giant
Deceiver Kromm shrouded by a fog.
And to crouds that who prayed to them,
That in a God’s empire to not enter for ever.

To it with a shame, having bent knees,
They in a victim brought posterity,
Creating awful villainies
And blood spilling to Kromm Kruah.

Before it is obedient, pride having forgotten
Down were plunged gals noble.
Since then in memories of affairs shameful
That place began to call “Plain of worship”.

Before Kromm Kruah, an idol severe,
With entreaty also we cry crowds reached,
And it looked at them eyes of death;
Only the echo them carried names.

Also it proceeded until
Then where Patrick has not come
The shameful idol also has split
Into pieces, long since there costing.

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