Acceding the Throne of Devastation


Quietly and peacefully the town lies beyond my feet.
Estranged, but charming, she presents her amazing flair.
The wind strokes her countenance and cools the heated old ruins.
The remembrance of a glorious time awakes, as heroes became history.

The sunlight broke at gilt merlons and illuminated the pride of her inhabitants.

From the roofs of the castle, the flags of the empire blew,
never to be beaten and seeming to be immortal.
The knights, that promenaded through the streets,
spread a power that would not have been to be questioned in worst nightmares.

No army of the world would have dared to storm it in fear of a sure defeat.

A morning, as like usual, a blazing sunbeam awakened life,
a certain unrest was perceptible.
An old man told about strange shouts and tones, that had shocked the night,
but people didn't take him seriously.

People stared entranced to the northern bay window,
from which a creature left, which let their blood freeze.

Persecuted by horror, the people looked for protection in the houses,
that had not yet been grasped by the fire.

However, the creature rose above in unnatural size
and announced the death sentence over a whole empire:

You held me in chains for centuries, ignored my calls and my mourning,
now the time of my revenge has come, and it will be a cruel one.

I only remember the screeching, as its claws buried themselves into houses and impaled the remained.
Nobody survived besides me, hidden in the dark vault of the castle,
I could therefore rescue me.

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