Two pitch black eyes are staring at me
Staring in the mirror who's too blind to see
Don't ever do well that's easy spoken
Until they all sleep and won't be woken

I'm the great giver without me you wouldn't
Doing what you do the things that you shouldn't
They are your sins that's what their called
But don't look at me it's still your own fault

I'm but a farmer planting my seeds
Which make spoiled minds and do evil deeds
Oh yes it's in them but slumbering though
I just give the water and then watch it grow

Another dawn is quietly breaking
But night will come and you'll be shaking
The world is locked in a season of death
If life's a dream then dread the waking

Your human ambition oh yes it stands tall
But how higher the climb the deeper the fall
And mirror my mirror on this black wall
Who's the meanest of them all

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