Evoking the Beasts in Twilight


Those who strife in twilight were banished from the light
but they were never allowed to enter hell.
Damned to rule in no mans land they have noticed my grievance.
They should understand, which sorrow torments me.

In oblivion I here want to see my painful past.
The conspiracy, which afflicted me, is overthrowed.
I am searching for a guarding force to lead me on my path.

As the nightfall close upon this deserted land,
I prepare myself to make the supreme sacrifice.

I subdue my presence to your protecting will.
With strict observance I accept your rules.
I obey the beasts of this conflicting world.
Without hesitation I will serve you,
forever and ever in everlasting availability.
I dedicate my work to the survival of your creation.
I invoke you to exalt me to your species.

Evoking the beasts in twilight!

This is the assignment,
which I have to fullfill,
with all conviction
I will surrender twilight.

Twilight embraces me,
twilight preserves me,
oh beasts hear my call,
guide me on my path
when I discover redemption.

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