Fivefold angles of Degrees
72 in number binding within
Inverted chaos
As spears impale wings

Shattered wholes, scattered remains
Corporeal ruin enstitched
Remnant altar
Worship made weapon in triptych

Occult machinery invoking
Warsouls bound to the penetrated inverse
Graven sigillum heralding flight
The path of Detonation

Obliterated faces, stone rooted in devotion
Measured in serration
From burning shells pours scorn

Breathless vessel, rabbiting heart
Blood flows up the temple steps
Ancient tongues shaping the cardinals
Blood is the altar
Ordinal denied

Howling vision
Unbending eye
Gates aligned
Seven wheeling on high

I am the spirit of the air
Swirling in burning atmosphere
From above I observe myself
Concupiscent to the Heavens
United with the archetype itself

Enthroned in self devourment
Rutting in rebirth
Gloria in excessvs
In Descension

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