Voices from beyonde the path
Speak to me in tongues
Whispering directions for Deviation
Transecting the Bridge between
Transecting the Symbols of

Strength in knowledge
Strengthening Will
Pleasures sought
In Iron Devotion.

Strength in knowledge
Strengthens Will
Gold in furnaces
Transmutation of Will

My crown it opens
And closeth not
From this light the thorn strikes
Gates of 8
Align the 9
Realms unseen
The 10th struck low

My crown it opens
And from it I draw fire
To burn
In the Krator's sight

My crown of gold
Melts from horizon's edge
Cresting the flesh
Crimson black

My crown unforged
Birth of giving fire
The Krator

Fermenting womb
Temples of offal
Praised in reign
Of putrescence crowned
Procrusted on the throne
Of cherubim mutilations

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