Above The Firmaments Of Wrath

Averse Sefira

Amidst a once great empire a looming shadow falls darkens its once golden streets obscures its crumbling walls the shadow's name is destiny it bears a fiery wrath it seeks to raze the sinners and burn all in its path
Lead us into temptation
We fear and fight and fornicate and profit through deceit ebbing closer to our fate and ushering defeat but now behold the sunless sky and hear our screams beneath bodies cast in hardened ash and souls that find no peace
Lead us into temptation
Hands reach for the sky begging for salvation asking their god why burned in congregation
Hands stretch towards the light meeting with aggression cleansed and cauterized punished for transgression
So the prophecy shall pass when nothing mortal stands cataclysm's come at last and the mad god forsakes the land finally this world shall be a dead and empty shell free of human levity a cold, barren, blasted hell
Decline and fall, ashes will be our fate

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