Foto do artista Avey Tare

Heather In The Hospital

Avey Tare

It brings me down
The people bandaged up, the doctors making rounds
It's sunny on the other side of windows that look out on the town
It brings me down
To see you lying wrapped up in your messy gown
With secrets to celestial bodies speak as you sleep without a sound
And it brings me down
Machines of modern magic keeping folks above the ground
A nurse's scribbling pad, a shadow shape, a mother going down
It brings me down
'Let's get out of here' says a boyfriend to a dad
We'll get you on your feet, I'll hug you dear and give you all I can

The windy day
Let it pass away
Now I can't hear the crying

All some bitter that way
Is it sad to say?
Do I think that I'll ever be ready
I'll be ready and smiling

Well I'll wear that well
There are spirits in spells
They remind me that a friend will always be shining

Well a simple case
And you're strong today
You move out a performance as your hardest day

Someone's in the room, listening to me
No one's in the room, it must just be me

Thinking to myself
Hearing myself breathe
There are no more eyes
What is it I see?

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