("...he saw what, he would look in the rock and see what was in there and i guess that day he saw a skull. one of his dark days.")


when i look through the door of my living room
i want another green room from my living room
should i pull up the phone in my kitchen
so I can feel the dark when i'm doing all my dishes
to live in a house and have breathing
is a luxury when you understand its meaning
but even in the dusk am i dreaming?
a galaxy of stars above our ceiling

in my eyes i'm understanding what i see
it's hard to think about the time it takes
to give and the space to be
(and everyone)
yeah and everyone would ever know where i should be
and there's the thinkin' and i've been thinkin'
of the many little pennies.

different oceans
Why don't get a stick
stuck inside the ocean?
stay grind
it's hard to set myself down
and just think about the ocean
oh, i'm crying

soon to be content with what i've got
(?) something that i enjoy if i acquire
and i wonder if it's me who's just a thief
taking a stash that was in the grass
diggin' a hole and diggin' it deep
(you'll dig for a while)
yeah you'll dig for a while cause you'll never know
when i plant the seed
and i'm still thinkin' and i've been thinkin'
of the many little pennies

and if i had some kind of need
maybe the thing i need is the thing i've got
and if i look inside of me
i'll find the thing that gets me to the (bottom)

and i know that there are needy
some are good but some are rotten
why should i motivate the needs
when i know my needs should be forgotten

is it alright, if we feel good?

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