I move slowly through the earth
and I'm breaking off (slide by slide)???
bouncing off of the bloody shore
sinking in the _(brother's brush???)_
disappearing like a swamp snake
never let on that I'm feeling bad
flustered when I'm getting started
often bitter in the undertow

he almost lost his color
dealing with the money bank
and that's beside that I'm
a little more into the freeform

I cry easily in a riverbed
digging through stuff in my head
her, she come in my drinking hole (???)
wondering why I made the choice to go
licking all of my wounds clean
if you're fine, then waste me
wish I never have to fall asleep
not sure if I want me

we almost lost him but the other
claw biting at his tail
would you let me decide that I'm
a little more into the free form

I don't want no (drinking girl???)
keep on by me

you can have me (???)

and when they left
take it down

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