In my head i suspect a conspiracy
An infestation of rats i do see
In three distinct groups they congregate
Belly's full from all the feed they ate
We must take them all out
Shoot them dead
One by one without a doubt
Crush their head
Between cowboy, the cats, and me
It's a fact
We will kill them all before they flee
Those beaurorats
I sense they want more
Than just this feed
The mother load that
Lies in the friendly city
They want tot infiltrate the tallest tower
We'll put a stop to that with .177 caliber
With dead on accuracy just aim to the right
We'll shoot then dead and win this fight
Their bodies bloodied will all pile up
A message to the others sent with any luck
Destroy the bunker rats, the dominate ones, take out the alpha male
Take aim, as they slip out, of their holes, among the grass entailed
Instill fear, around the bobcat, down the alley, corpses in the pale

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