Caught in an explosion
An explosion of putrid and stench
No one knows which way
To get to the bench
In a world of confusion
Nothing seems quite fair
Except for the elephant
The elephant's dairy air
Torturous encryptions
Babbling my brain
That goes without saying
I'm sure we'll be quite insane
More lyrics to fill up this song
Make time to eat a hot dog
That's a foot long
No preparation or time to prepare
Thrown into bits and played on the air
Which you could sell to make a big profit
I'm sure all the money you'll want to pocket
Thicker in the veins and you'll be swingin'
I'll knock on your door but I'll be poor
You'll beat me out 'cause I don't have gout
I don't what else to say so I won't
Bird brain on a holiday, Nothing more left to say

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