Foto do artista Baboon Rising

Biocyber Virus Infection

Baboon Rising

Cybernetic infiltration
Invading the CPU
Viral infestation
Spreading as you compute
Trojan without hesitation
It worms its way inside of you
Endangerment to your files
The data string stretched for miles
The executable has erased it all
And now it has your mouse's ball
The virus spreads up your arm
You never thought you it would harm
You get the chills and wear a coat
And wake up with a sore throat
A new virus is detected almost every day
The best thing to do is to stay away
Check the Internet for the latest fix
Don't let the hackers get you with their tricks
Virus software not up to date
No chance to quarantine
Left an open ip address gate
Contaminate what was pristine
You forgot your vitamin C
So you are infected too

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