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Bumblebee Song

Barry Louis Polisar

Have you ever thought to consider
What it might be like to be
A black and yellow fuzzy buzzing
Bumblebee like me
I get migraines, I get headaches,
I get this buzzing in my ear.
Watch out you don't sit on me
And I'll watch out for your rear.

A four-winged hairy insect
Is what I'm meant to be.
People always run away
As soon as they see me.
Once I stung a little boy
(Afterall I am a bee).
The next day I broke out in hives
I had an allergy.

Life's not all milk and honey.
If you're a bee these days.
You get stepped on. You get swatted
And shot at with poison sprays.
Splattered on a windshield.
Survivors are so few.
Runover by a lawnmower
Or crushed beneath a shoe