So long my friends, farewell goodbye
I'd love to stay an play and drink for awhile
But it's time to hit the road and say goodbye
So long farewell goodbye

Goodbye to my friends I'm glad you were here
It's time for us to go and get another beer
Well I like to see your smiling faces again
So come back my friends come back

Thank you for the open invitation
your kind applause and adulation
but look at the time, lord we got to fly
so long farewell baby bye-bye

Ralph Votrain:
To all you people, I say so long
Don't be sad when we are gone
Give me a smile and a wink of your eye
So long farewell bye-bye

Give me a smile and a warm embrace
Pick up your coat and grab that old suitcase
I hear the whistle blowin' down the track
Can't say for sure when we&'re coming back

So long farewell baby bye-bye
and now we're leaving with tears in our eyes
We'll be back soon so don't you cry
So long farewell bye-bye

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