"under the thick and gloomy veil of maya a vortex of sins scatters around...medieval horrors, contemporaneous pains, everything flows, claims to disgrace of god...!"

Equinotial desire to crush the dirty mediocrity
Which blooms beneath the loose pillars of hipocrisy
The great hierophant arise again
Against the two thousand years of sordid fallacy

The jewish from gennesareth, false cosmos lord
Perishes in a stinking and rough shroud
Involved by miasmatic ebulations of worms
Lamenting his own martyrdom and pain

The ichtys symbol falls
In front a pinacle of fire and black magma
Which spills from a demonic dark dimenson

Under the deep and sullen maya's veil
A vortex of sins spread itself
Medieval terrors present pains
Everything flowing and claming for god's disgrace

In between midnight shades
Lord mastema claims by disgrace of god
Arise oh qliphoth's flame in thy blackest shape
B disgrace of god

The empire algol reveal to us that for terrible conspirations
The light can be obscured and the firmament consumed in flames...

Arise oh satanas snake, venomous fruit of fate
Spread thee harmful seeds of the faith of misbelief

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