Me that don't breathe anymore
Falling in a deep rest of agony
I savour the repulsive taste of carbon
Dreaming with nothing
Perceive the empty prison without pain
Just fear
Damned sacred creation
Slaves of lie
Hear my silence i don't have flesh
Just dust as left
For centuries i wait
But i was forgotten

I don't even exist anymore
Start to feel thirst
Thirst of live just conquest for
Blood underscription flavor

Bitter as the old pain imagining
I conquest the eternal

So pale as the nightly cold
Moon of piety
Bring the only light that i support
Transcendental trip between life and dead
Beginning from the end
The flesh reaches to my bones
But is not like before

The night takes the pain away
Just by it i can walk

Evil power so ancient as fire
That strengthen us for million years
I'm the hunter of the throbing liquor of live

I control the demons that play
The apocalypse that bells
I control the people that inhabit
The lie birthplace
I control the wisdom fire
Sign of all power
I control the years of existance
The torments of pain

I'm a carbon and ammonia son
I suffer since childhood
The evil influence of my enemies
That flood as a spit from the mouth of a cardiac
There is more philosophy that in all moral of christianity

Reborn down the kiss
I have the immortality gift
I walk down the ages, killing all i need
I'm a night creation
Just as fried sky
I'm above the universe so free
As the shadow in front of my eyes

I return to my coffin
Hoping for shelter
Because the light hut my eyes
I seek comfort in my thoughts
So cold as the moon
Splended the night empress

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