Behind this gates, besides of valley
They planing the final battle
Demons and angels into yours human carcass
Preparing the weapons and drink the acient vive

The wait for this eternal war
Where the camp is you and me

Screaming for pain
The war is coming of your lives
Into the dark hort

Screaming with hate for break
The trumpets of heaven

Feel this hate grow and coming your dark strong
Because we need the victory
To thraw dow the heavean hordes

God feeling himself he pury of your creation

We're ready soldiers of satan
Burning and catching the valley we dispost
Finish with this war

Fighting as the last angel is fallen
This bestial fury belong us
Move us, invensible for god disgrace

Coming for north
Coming for south
Into this valley
This forest around
Shadows of war
Shadows of war
Coming for east
Coming for west
Into the mountains
The evil hurts
Is coming for us
Is coming for us

This souls i drive into the dark post

Her never more exist
Union for the only master
Refeel yur fear
Because a only one king exist

Jerusalem, fallen in disgrace
The weak rebellion fortify us
I am supreme victorious

Where the dark empire reign before your eyes

Attack with hate
Destroyed all fate
Massacre this bastards
Speel the blood on the floor

Attack with fire
Burning all the villages
Bring the angels heads for me
Burning your eyes with this shine
Burn your souls with pain

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