Enslaved By Dreams


Trapped in a dream, future death
And walls painted with blood
Spirit hunter, he sees you well
Trying to take you to his hell

Walking alone on death row
Hidden keys I will search
Unreal site, natural fate
Let me escape from this trance

Watching my own death
Painful ripped flesh
Exploring ways of mind
Dreams in sight; you're next to die
Enslaved by the dreams
Evil won't let you win
Terror while you sleep
Roaming free on deadly dreams

My body sleeps, my soul creep
Like a snake paying sins
Christ cannot help me, I have no force
Fastened on the way of evil throne
Uprising inside, resting with pain
I've been striken by fate
Lucifer laughs, no one hears me
Sentence is now, never free

Solo: Perfetto / Regep / Regep

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