The Guillotine rips, the strike just begun
A deadly lightning frighten the past
The man that doubt, kill by the Christians
A black page that word cannot hide
Is this law of God? Torture and burn
This people that don't follow Christ
Centuries of pain, many souls burnt
A vengeance without reason and sense

Your creed is forbidden, just recieve Christ
This words imposition by killers
Your home was burnt, sanctuary destroyed
'cause you haven't cross on wall
Executed like witch, burnt and hanged
A book learnet how can kill
Many people are blind, by christian's church
A feat that kill millions in masses

Accept or die...
Fell the fire, from christian's crime
In the sign... Inquisition's time
A black page they cannot hide

2000 years pass, the slaughter survive
Holy wars spilling the blood
The history is the same, religion's battle
We're forced to believe in their laws
The killers from the past are the same today
The monks, the friars, the priests
Inquisition lives, still for long time
As long our mankind believe

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