Generations overflow the disgust with shouting cries
The bitter taste of immorality created violence to justify
Spitting blood on the sorrowed ages without recognition or arguments
Out of this carnal inheritance, there's no trace for my descends

You were born by the line
On your sholuders is the sign
The bundle of the lies, but you have to despise
There's no guilty, there's no reason
Aim the target, shoot and kill
You're a soldier, you're a hero
With no feelings left to feel

No one's too young - to fight and die
The nations curse - and parents cry
The debt of war - shall not be paid
Remember is short - and the flowers fade

Under the flag of patriotism
Just a medal for your life
Your blood proves allegiance
While the tyrants take delight
Sickness for the nuclear mayhem
Extinguishing character through the years
Perishing along the ages,
The innocence shed tears


Solo: Roveran


by Dan Rippe

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