Curtains Of Hell, Gateways Of Heaven

Chalice of Doom

I am standing on the brink
where the blaze is dripping ice..
Iam standing on the earth where the hell is coming up..
Iam dreaming of the ending..
Of a life full of lies
Dear life, the crimson well
Ring down the curtains of hell

I am sleeping on my thorns
where the ache forever dwells
Iam sleeping on the luna where the heaven is coming down
Iam visioning the extinction
of a life full of lies
Dear life, undress my phantom
Lead me to gateways of heaven

Wake me up...
All the flames are getting near, all the fears became so real
Wake me up...
All the past has turned to tears, all the smiles have seemed to wear
Let me sleep..
Let me run and go away, Let me flee and end the day
Let me sleep..
tomorrow is worse than yesterday, Now I'll go and lead astray

I am dreaming of the ending
of a life which I despise
Dear life,I still wonder
Is this another dream ?

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