The night has come again..
I'll spread my wings with the rains..
The darkness came to me..
There is nothing to see..
The sparking candle arised..
And chanted me to defy..
The cold shivering winds..
The earthly frosty friends..

I sparked the candle..
And turned another page..
But the pen has been fallen..
and I've lost the words...again

Lost between the letters..
Missing behind the words..
Around the cries of candles..
I lay my head to sleep...

Now its fading, the feeling of the winter
Now its leaving, the mourning of the cold

The day has come again..
The rays are licking the rains..
The brightness came to me..
But There is nothing to see..
The sparking candle has died..
And chanted me to try..

Its fading...Its fading...

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