Oh Mother Night...Feed me a piece of light
among the thorns I lay my body for years
This decayed body, became so pale
This grave is mourning upon me
I cant rest in peace..
I cant rest in peace..

Enjoy the darkness...and emptiness
Between the forlorn graves...life
Every grave has a story..
But noone listens..
Noone listens

From Dust to human
from human to dust
A tragic circle..
Of blood and rust

Once I drank the rains and grew
And spread my roots around your love
But now the planet has one grey cloud
And Seven swans to guard our remains

Iam calling from my grave..
Only stones..Only dust
Only memories ..

Oh father grief...Where's my relief
On these shores I've waited for a thousand years
This lonely hand became so paralyzed
This place is pulling me down
I cant live in peace..
I cant live in peace..

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