I guess it comes and it goes as we give and take we push and pull
At the end of the day i’m left standing out in the snow with so much circling through my head
The cold air will answer none of these questions running through my head
I relentlessly pose to it not a whisper not a sign just the whistle in my ears from the wind
As i continue to cut the ties the war inside pitting dream against dream
Its confusing for you i’m sure while i try to decide if its worth the compromise
Where are you now and what do you have against me
Churning water keeps time for the nerves inside i will do what i can to keep them from freezing over
When i thought we had what you would expect to last
Through the dreary hours awake and the chill of the tired nights
There is little to be said sometimes if feels like were righting past mistakes and we’re striking a new chord
Seems like we’re falling in to place but time is running out
Though i regret leaving you behind there’s always someone else and the rain only brings me down
Maybe we just dont belong. i’m ever leaving and leaving this behind.

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