What with virtue i had set out to destroy my own wanting hands let it live now with the onset of its will against me i will not back down but i cannot let go
So i confine this beast to the darkness confused. contorted beyond any recognition with two faces its master both loves and disdains
I’ve seen this picture in my mind its growing clearer with every day spent in neglect
It tells of the lonely road i’ve walked with so many days behind me wasted i have been lost i have been far off
Far from the man i used to be far from the face i used to know
With each frame growing closer to the end that has plagued my mind i’ve always feared
But never thought that i would become
And as i’ve tried over the years to find anyway to make my heart right one thing has been clear for me to see
I dont have the fight inside the resolve or the conviction
When all my days are spent what will matter in the end regret will build my name if i dont change my ways

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