Our charted course is lost the stars are veiled but you are leading us onward
Blindly fullspeed in to the fog ahead
The darkness grows as the night consumes the dawn. your promises split over the rocks
With calloused hands we grip what weapons we have found
Kept from your eyes and your mind by your arrogance all of this time
While we’ve learned to steady our sights
We have seen of your last best hope the trail of decline
We have heard of your good news but what of the poor we continue to oppress
What love what grace is this that takes but never gives
What shame what rage is this that builds within the chests of those who have been held down
The beating of our hearts is felt throughout the earth those who can see then believe
For with each breath and beat regardless of intention propelling recklessly toward the end in sight
We must take what time we have finding small ways to perpetuate changing waves
With one resounding voice we speak of the aching in our bones
This violent sea is not the home we know
It falls to us who’s steady hands will guide us on

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