Have you stood at the end of a road
Where the sun meets the ground
I have been there before
And I'll open the door
To a place in my mind'
Do you have the time, the time'

It changes everything
Hoping you'll find your way

Bullet of pain flows through your brain
Ending all that is van
Choice wasn't yours to decide
If to live or to die
Now you've made up your mind
And you're out of time' of time'

Falling down I can't find my way
Back to this place, I was before
Can you open the door
Can you open the door'

I was sent to try and change your mind
From the man up above
Said he's not done with your life
It's for him to decide
When it's time to go home
Believe in him and know' you'll know

Now that I have told you what I know
Think twice when I go
Just because I'll be gone
Don't mean you're all alone
We'll watch from above
And send his love
His love'

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