As I walk this hallway
I think about the past
Through the darkness of the night
Wonder if I'll last
The candle starts to flutter
I approached the evil room
Above the mantle hangs the picture
The one that cause my doom

Is there anyway out of hell
The stairs in here lead to nowhere

The floor still creaks by the fireplace
Where grandfather used to sit
The sound of the rocking chair
Rocking in my mind, I still hear it
The wind blows the shutter
Then closes with a bang
But nothing hurts the picture
Above the mantle it still hangs
Walking past the tall rough stones
To find his love that's dead again
Only living for the fight
Only living for the fight

Through the thick wet fog at night
Never dying he lives there forever
With the voice that screams to him from heaven

It's always dark it's always gray
Past the fog the young they say
You'll see him washing the blood from his hands
He's the cemetery man

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