I will die a lonely man
No one left to hold my hand
As I take this journey in time
Oh almost lost my mind
Walk the streets a lonely man
People stare but don't really care
Guess that's the way we're all treated today
Oh yeah we're all treated

I was once a happy man
With a wife and kids to understand
When I was having a bad day
Now they went away
Now they went away
Can someone help me

It's been two years to the day
When God knocked on my door
And I turned him away
Satan then rang my bell
Said I'll take you to hell
The he showed me, yes he showed me
He showed me the way

Showed me the way
I played the game
Taught me to love
Taught me to hate
Feed me a line, and I'll be okay
One step closer to death
Dragged by a rope from my brain
Ruined my life this cocaine
Now I must be insane'

Now I've gone and messed it up
Standing on the corner with a sign and a cup
Will work for food
All you have to do is throw me a dime
It isn't a crime
Oh just throw me a dime

As I sit here I think
If I answered God's call I wouldn't need a thing
But I looked Satan in the eye
Now I'm gonna die, now I'm gonna die
Oh can someone help me

I will die a lonely man
Lonely man, so lonely

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