Rip out my guts while I goose-march
in shit stained uniform

Hey now hey now
I'm on the move tonight
Hey now hey now
Unstoppable landslide
Ich nicht ich nicht
My invisible friend! Come play with me!
Ich nicht ich nicht
Whacka whacka whacko parade

Sick heil shitstorm
It's a fucking mojo massacre
Juj-ju mama-san
I think that god just died. Yes she's fucking dead.
I am brain death
Truck full of dyna-mind, its defcon 1
Come here fat boy
Piggy piggy piggy lets dance, lets dance

Why did you all laugh when saddam died?
Demon friend you're welcome back anytime
Nobody cried when I flatlined

Why don't we all just fucking burn
Why can't we burn?

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