Foto do artista Daniel Lioneye

Who Turned The Lights Out

Daniel Lioneye

Heartache of the hashishim, got some
Warped and lustrous breasts within
I am bloated bacchus, the demon and doctoro I observe the wildlife
Confusion, pain, and emotional issues
Cause epic loss of cerebral tissue

Too bad I have gone insane
Who turned the lights out?
I can't get out no matter what
No way out

Can I get injection of fun into
My brain now?
Or please perhaps a refreshing shot
Of napalm?

Pilgrim in an unholy land
A paradox written in the desert sand
21st century archaic temples
Mass producing hephaistion's mantles
Like a lamp in the night I melt into the equation of the hollows!

I'm the spear of destiny
I'm piercing through your soul
Aaah! Whatta nasty little naaargh!
I am the chosen one!

Wow! My god! Well this can't be right now..
Wow! I can hear god 5 by 5!

Preposterous prophet of retardation
Hive mind in synchronized masturbation
Barbaric horde is storming the gate
O sinner repent before its too late

Wow! What a roller coaster ride!
There are many gods, not just one
Confusing celestial choir!
Which one should I obey?

No sanctuary in pagan mythos
I pity all of you neo pagans in la-la land there's nothing to see go home
No relief in christian pathos
Christians with nukes scare me scare me scare me scare me
The evolution has come to an end
So don't fucking tell me that we're innocent no no no no yes no
Yes no fuck sa-ta-ta-ta-tan no fuck yeah no yes no yes
Yes no we're not

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