Eldorado baby, got my mojo baby
You can call me Danny, slept in my Caddy
a sguigely wigely snake-a-didley
seven boogie forty woogie blues

colorado baby, dope-a-rama maybe
Fortysix Cincinatti, sweet little kitty katty
an Alabama mama shake-a-rama
groovy movie blues

Dollars comin baby, dollars going baby
a stetson rock'n roller, a hillybilly brother
a shakin rolla dolla honey sguigely digely
tsugu way blues

I gotma rollin baby, I gotta do it baby
I shocked the world baby, by rock'n rolla baby
cincinatti, tallahassee
bourbondrinkin redneck blues

L.A. voodoo baby, got me under spell baby
black magic baby, devil's witch baby
a voodoo doll, boogaloo
jiggy wiggy hoolabaloo blues

old pair of boots, dope-a-rama blues
I gotta be de fool, blues in the roots
a swampy gamblin Mississippi
cocodrile moonshine blues

Devil on my track, can' t turn my back
even if I hit the sack, oh whatta drag
Crossroads and bad deal
hellhound a train come blues

Oh lord what you gonna do, my times ran out
with you

alligators comin too, it seems mytime is due
a doomed rock'n roll holla
rollin down the highway blues

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