Kidnap Victim #12: Razorblade Artwork

Death of Millions

It's not that i hold some hatred for women
It's just that i can't deny what's inside of me
I need to release the pain within
And their screams relieve my suffering
But only for a short while
Not quite long enough to satisfy
Their fear is no longer sufficient
I seek the essnce of life... blood
I carve with the mind before i cut the flesh
I see what i do not as mutilation
But as artwork with a razorblade
Secured down to her own bed
By duct taped arms and legs
Slowly i cut the flesh
Listening to her scream
Crying about the pain
Can't she see whimpering
Does not affect me
This pain you shall like...
This pain that you feel
This pain you shall like...
I'll show you now
Consuming her the drug of choice
The round flat tablet of pleasure
The horror of resturctured reality coming leaving no trace of fear
With razor in thumb i returned to enact my only known pleasure
Slowly and gently pull it along her warm sweaty flesh
She no longer sees what i'm doing as any sort of pain
With the course of steel and the rising of blood
Draws her close to ecstasy
She begs for more and pleas for my sex inside of her
The mind has lost all sequence of fear...
Now she must die

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