I kill and i fuck
Then i freeze so i can fuck
Frozen bodies in my truck
Waiting there until i fuck
Another whore of the streets
Another whore will be my sheath
Cold body i make warm
With my cum in her ass
Stiff and hard the pole projector
Waiting to tear open the flesh
Necrophiliac fucking on his corpse
In the back of his 18-wheeled temple
Dead bodies hang among the cargo
Silently awaiting the warmness
Of my touch
My salvation the beating and the raping
The snapping of their necks
Another city of another state
Another fucking bitch
I'll take advantage
Cold steel of meat hook through flesh
Swaying back and forth
As frost takes to
I'll continue to kill and fuck
I'll continue to freeze them all
Until they catch me
But they can't they never will
Even when i leave their thawed bodies
By the roadside

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